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Boycott LucasArts @ E3

Just an idea. As you may know, E3 is coming up soon in May. It's the most popular gaming related event in the US and im sure LucasArts will have quite a booth presence there (probably promoting Starwars Battlegrounds and RepublicCommando).

What im proposing is getting people to boycott LucasArts @ E3. This includes E3 attendees as well as convincing press media to ignore LucasArts completely. These include reporters from popular gaming sites who will undoubtly will be at E3 such as Gamespy, IGN, Gamespot, and Firingsquad just to name a few.

Perhaps we can even hold a Picket line protest outside of E3? Regardless, i think we should somehow make a statement at E3. Gaming companies take E3 very seriously, it is a big industry event and gives gaming companies a chance to gauge their audience (like film companies do with movie screeners, but on a bigger scale). So if we want to "hit them where it hurts", i think E3 is an oppurtuned place to do it.

Im just not how sure how viable these ideas are. Convincing the press not to cover LA @ E3 would be very hard to do, because more E3 coverage will give them more hits and $$$. And also most people, especially the starwars fanboys, will show up at the Lucasarts booth regardless.

What do you think?
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