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GothiX--It's not even a mod, either. It's a level/skin pack. :P

Mongo, I'm not going to talk to you anymore because it's obvious you're either a friend of TimFX and will support anything he does, or else you're a die-hard fanboy who will support anything he does. I notice that you're one of the very few people registered on the KotF forum, for one thing. Anyway, to respond to your other comment, the reason this is closer to release is that he's not doing anything other than downloading a bunch of maps, and renaming them and adding botroutes. Not that hard to do.

TimFX--If an author's email address doesn't work, you may not use their creations. I also suggest that when you release this, you include a list of the authors' names, their contact information, AND their websites (if applicable) just for the sake of completeness and giving credit where it is due.

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