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hehe. yesyes. err.. nono.


you're the man, sean. pretending not to understand i always a good way to screw a lame joke. but it was already DONE, you know? i mean. you know? huh huh huh?

ok. let have a look at the protocol:

04:44 - sean states he "has no signature"

06:01 - ray states that he "thought .. that "Report this post to a moderator | IP: Logged" thingy [is a] sig. [made by sg,] to prove [his] 7-year old pre-puberscent skills in mature internet forum terrorism, [he] hacked it into every other users signature [or post]"

07:58 - sean replies "I have not had a signature here for at least two years.
That ["report this post to a moderator" thing] was .. something I typed into the message ..
.. Ray, you're memory is failing.

09:17 - ray wonders "how [it comes that it's found in] every message on this forum .. [if sg said he just typed it into HIS post]? [is he hiding something? or is HIS memory failing?]
[however. i just got my new, SECOND avatar, teh AVATAR 2!! muhawhaw.]

10:54 - sean seems to be tired. his head hits the keyboard.

11:03 - ray, nice as usual brings some coffee. also he is happy, claps and jumps excited, because sgsean DOES NOT use any capitals for his name. GOOD GNAWER. *happy, claps, excited jumping*.

so.. .. err.. WHAT?

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