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Just a few words on Scumm Explorer,

There were two version, Scumm Explorer for MacOS Classic and Scumm Xplorer for MacOS X. Both releases got to version 0.4, which was, indeed, the last stable version. I still have lots of partial work implemented on my hd for version 0.5 but I'm not sure if that will ever reach another public release. I, personally, have 'quit' working on it. What do you know, this is the luck of each and every SCUMMRev-like program. Well, I respect Serge's work and mine too, but these're kind of curiosity programs, just to look for a few things inside the games, and that's all. People's not much interested into it, though. And such programs can't even help development of - say - ScummVM for the simple matter that they do not offer the ability to 'add new stuff descriptions, decoding algorithms, etc' to the program itself, in other words, they do not allow you to actually 'fully disassemble and decode SCUMM', which would rather be an useful thing for SCUMM hacking. I've been thinking about writing a program like that lately, to help SCUMM-hackers, but I fear I'm out of free time at all. I hope someone else here on this forum will get my idea for good.

Now, back to Scumm Xplorer, I still own it of course and I would be glad to upload it here on LucasHacks for peoples to download.

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