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Maybe I don't express myself clear.. sorry about that.

In the sabers.sab file I can only find bunch of sabers (Yoda's, Desann, Luke .. and etc.)
But I can't find the Player's sabers.

The sabers like:
Katarn, Arbiter, Retaliator, Consul, Adept, Preator, Sentinel... and etc.

There are 10 Single sabers and 6 dual... which the player can select from the game (originaly).

Theyr animation and skin can be found there "asset_1\ext_data\sabers"... but not their properties.

I have read the code JKA Source - vc6/ from Lucasfiles.. but still wasn't able to see the saber spec.
I only have fid that they are loaded from "sabers.conf"... but the file was missing.

So, OK.. I understand about the Katarn... but what about specifications of the remaining ones.. ? Sentinel,Firebrand.. and etc. ?
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