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Are we talking about different portals here?

The portal I thought you were talking about was the one that lead to a hidden temple where the enemies of Elizabeth were meeting.

There is absolutely no way the same portal used to travel to the temple can be used to travel to the future. Because her enemies in the present just used it, and they just now decided to attack Elizabeth.

This isn't Queen Elizabeth's enemies from across time and space, because it would be impossible for her to have them. She hasn't time traveled. These are her enemies on Mrear.

This place and time will still exist when you need to return.
This place is where they need to be now (Deathfire) and this time is the same time as now.

So what "place and time" will they be returning to? o_O

If they go back through the portal they will end up in the meeting place - the temple - again. Not on top of a hill...unless a time skip was involved...

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Damn you all for such confusion. ))

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