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The Droid Invasion...


Yes, this will very likely be a rant. Sorry. I doubt I'll be saying anything constructive, which is why I'm doing it over here instead of over there.

I come here way more often than I visit the official forums, so I guess I'm one of the people who thought that seeing the battle droids from the prequels in the wallpaper meant I'd be able to build them once the publish was done. Re-arranged my droid display to make room for them, and everything. It wasn't until right before the publish that someone told me ingame that there would be no droidekas. After some initial grumbling I admitted I could see why; they would be difficult to handle when it comes to game balance. I probably wouldn't be able to make one until I mastered DE anyway.

After the publish, I return to find there are no battle droids whatsoever. I am told probots have been frelled, and astromechs are now your best bet for combat; which is a downright crappy bet compared to the pets of a bio-engineer/creature handler, because droids are supposed to be usable by everybody, which means they can't go above CL 10.

Slightly annoyed, now.

An astromech with a tazer is established in the movies, though of course it can't really be considered much of a combat option; it was made into comic relief involving an Ewok, for smeg's sake. And that little buzzsaw? It's a cutting tool. The best you could hope to do with it is cut a tendon before someone snaps it off.

The devs have been walking a tightrope, and they know they're gonna get chewed out every time they fall off. On one side lies the Star Wars content, the stuff that's supposed to make us feel that we're in that fictional universe. On the other side lies game playability, balance and so on. As far as I can tell, they've fallen off the tightrope with every publish, broken limbs lying on both sides. This time, they've slipped off the tightrope in the worst possible way anyone with testicles can fall off anything; they haven't even fallen off this time, they're just 'sitting' up there, eyes bulging, squeeking quietly as that throbbing pain spreads from their crotch outward.

You know, I was going to go into detail about this and that, but right now I just can't be bothered. Maybe later.

Disappointus maximus.
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