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Originally posted by Aries077
Government, to me is all the in there is no democracy, no feudalism, no autocracies...All forms of government are based on one another, so it is likely that the governments we are firmilliar with are nothing but our interpretations of one, flexible government.
yup. It doesn't matter what system you go with, it is still a case of a few people with the right friends, family, influence and backers making all the decisions, and doing so in a way that benefits those same friends, family, influence and backers and not the people as a whole. depressing huh?

Democracy has almost become a joke. We vote in party A, complain about them not fixing stuff that generally isn't fixable without paying way more taxes (which we won't do) and then vote them out and vote for party B, then we do exactly the same.

This whole moral decline thing is a load of rubbish. Morally the US (or UK) is no worse off than it was 50 years ago (probably better) or 100 years ago.

Hell, there are writings from roman times which have the older generation complaining about the moral decline in the youth of today and exactly the same stuff that the older generation complains about now. It has been going on since civilisation started and today's youth that people are so worried about now will be complaining about exactly the same thing in forty years.

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