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Originally posted by PSyCo_SMurF
well i seem to get alot of people yelling at my bots for laming.
Funny, it's the bots that are smart enough to play the game the way it was meant to be played and never whine, and it's the humans who would rather whine about made-up rules being broken.

If only more humans played like bots (constant playing and no whining). Bots own!!

Download the DDS iBots here.
It's better to edit the bots.txt inside DDS_Ibots.pk3 than the one in your assets file. Extract bots.txt with WinZip, edit the names to whatever you want, then put the bots.txt file back into DDS_Ibots.pk3, and put DDS_Ibots.pk3 in your server's base folder.

Kurgan, bot_grapple is a holdover from Quake III. It means the bots can use the grappling hook in Q3.

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