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Originally posted by The_One
So, please don't just say "Communism doesn't work" when we haven't even seen a true Communist system, or given one a chance to work.
I don't buy the 'we've never seen a true Communist state' crap. The Middle-East islamists say the same about the Sharia. And I'm willing to bet that neo-nazi apologetics say the same about Nazism. Point is that that excuse can be used to justify any revolution as part of a world-wide experiment on a grand scale.

We just need a better means of seperating those kinds of good leaders from power mongers.
How are you going to do that without sacrificing an essencial part of democracy: The people choose whomever they want. If the people vote for a stupid, power-mongering git, then that's their legitimate choice. I've yet to see a model that could sort the candidates a priori without taking on the trappings of a despotism.

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