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Okay, I think I've recovered form the disappointment and cynicism and the violent raping of another profession that probably will be improved only after I drop it. So...

As I understand it, the issue the devs are having with the prequel combat droids is that they are supposed to be tougher than CL10, which is the limit for any player. They want to figure out a way for us to have to spend skill points to have the ability to control these tougher droids. I believe that the main contention here is that DE is a crafting class, and should not involve the ability to control tougher droids; much like BEs do not have the ability to control the tougher pets they grow in a test tube, or whatever.

First off, I would like to suggest that the ep1 combat droid shouldn't be all that tough. Their advantage was cheap manufature leading to strength in numbers; and the way game pets work, noone will ever be allowed to control a squad of these things. Nerfing the probot would be fine (and in keeping with the SW universe; let's face it, it's only supposed to take a coupla pistol shots before blowing up) if we had a droid that WAS worth it's weight in a fight. The Trade Federation battle droid should be where the Probot is...or was, before publish 7, or the original nerf, or whatever.

Ep2 battle droids are bigger, tougher and better armed (no pun intended). Droidekas are downright scary. By ep4 droids this capable of combat are illegal, or so I'm told, so they should go on the list with spice and sliced equipment. But who should be able to actually control these droids? If it wasn't for the sake of game balance, the answer would be everyone, if they can get their hands on them. Which would be easy because DEs would not be prosocuted for making illegal droids, so they could get rich without any worries as soon as everyone can get the droideka of their dreams.

Hm. If everyone had a pet droideka, would that not be balance?

There's a side issue I could delve into here, that smugglers (and someday DEs that make illegal droids) should be spanked by the authorities when someone gets caught using stuff they sliced, brewed or built. Otherwise the empire is only treating the symptom instead of the sickness, and we all know how fed up we are with our Real Life governments about that kind of thing.

Another point on that subject: high-ranking imp players getting off lightly so easily does seem unfair. Perhaps faction rank should depend on how much fp you have. If you get killed and drop below 200 fp, you get kicked out of the faction. Rank should work the same way, because the way it works now, you can't get demoted no matter how often the opposing faction beats you down. We all know how fond Darth Vader is of 'rewarding' failure. The only problem with this system would be that buying faction stuff would demote you...

Back on topic now. BEs and CHs are closely linked because they both deal in pets. A player with both professions could be thought of as a professional pet owner. They don't just go out into the wilderness and tame baby somethings. They don't just spend all their time in the lab toying with genetic samples. Imagine what improvements you could make in each profession if you were also familiar with the other, from a Real Life point of view. A master at both professions could be the only ones to have THE best pets in the game.

Droids are different. Given their widespread use, it's only fair that everyone should be able to have them, and things should get 'stickier' when it comes to combat droids (so in that regard, it is fair to say that the devs are making an effort to do it right). The SW universe is a highly technological one, but in SWG CHs are common. A part of this could be considered due to the fact that the game is a lot more planet-based, but when it comes down to it you wouldn't expect to walk out of a starport to come face to face with a rancor scratching his butt...

Okay, I've just made myself laugh too hard, and I've lost my train of thought. I'll post more when I get it back. I'm sure there's a point or two I've yet to make.
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