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I'm so late playing this game - that's what I thought half a year ago, but see, there are still "pilots" under way.

Hallo to all and to the last reply above!

To summarize it: sometimes bugs occur in XWA, but you can go around this or that way; sometimes it seems to be unplayable, but soon you find a way to make it left-handed; "joysticks" often give no reason for great joy, but you can hit any target...

Played all missions again, from easy to hard, and found only such missions annoying, where other ships (friends, neutrals) are doing nonsense and you sit alone and can't really save them (so it is a good advise to let sometimes wingmen waiting at home!!). Family missions a very easy, because with the YT-2000 you can challenge 96 different fighters with jedi-a.i. (except you must hurry up, but you need not to hurry up most of the time!!!), just by flying away (not too fast) and shooting them like ducks (1,00-1,43 clicks, near is more risk, but you can destroy faster), sitting in the turrets (automatic works bad this way).

Antans rescue is a good example: I let the Andrasta wait early in rendevous area! and fly alone - you need not to worry about it, and you have the hyperbuoys open later in both directions!!! I destroy first waves of fighters, but try to deactivate some, so get the time to deal with the galleons, the shuttle and so on. As I said, you need not to hurry up. You can identify first and destroy what you like, waiting this way for the imperial troops. The ties can be wiped out (see above) fleeing or standing at the buoy and jumping if necessary (coming back soon!). Star destroyers aren't difficult to destroy (with X-Wings or even z95), but with a YT-2000 you can fly around and let the turrets do the job (until shields are down and the ISD deactivated). Then, if all things are "erased" you can wake up the planetarien fighters by destroying the deactived around you, until all waves are gone. That is the time to rescue Antan... ok, there you must sit, but next fighters arrive short before docking is complete; if you hit any of them with some shots, they will evade, and you come free, so it's as you like to fight on risk (dogfighting) or to rush towards the buoy (coming back again!). At the end, you destroy the station (nothing overseen? 11655 points /4825 bonus /62 counted targets, some ties "lost" by friendly fire) and head back to rendevous point, where you can dock with Andrasta and/or give a "continue mission command" (Emon will fly to the fighting ground, but he comes back, soon...).

This is only one example, but you can win all missions in hard, with nothing left to destroy (points depending on how much your wingmen can steal)! Again, missions like "Defend the Liberty" are truly hard, because you can't do all things simultaneous, and you must be lucky in stopping the kamikaze (and in surviving, with rare time to land and repair).

Last words to the capital ships: the smaller ones are more dangerous, because they react faster and hit more precisely, but all are unable to survive a players attack (it needs lot of raids and lot of patience, but you can even destroy a SSD with an A-Wing (it needs 45 minutes until shields down and again 45 minutes for the hull). And the mission with the probes: I could destroy the engines of all ships (ok, for really all I did play easy, because there's simply too short of time for the destroyer in medium, and in hard, you get a problem with the ties), and "eat the fleet" from behind ship after ship, with all probes destroyed and no ties left. I write this, because - in my opinion - the capital ships are too weak somehow. Fighters should be faster, shields lower, and the big ones really frightening... (what can I buy with some 70000 points in "Rescue of Aeron"? Nothing).

Maybe we'll get a better, newer XWA?

One day, in this century?

In this universe?

Until this happens, I'll keep on playing XWA

Bhakar (alias A. F.)
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