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Unhappy I called LucasArts...

So...A few minutes ago, I decided to call LucasArts. I asked for Mike Nelson, and was directed to his administrative assistant. She asked what I was calling for, and I told her exactly what. She then told me he was in a meeting*. She told me that they've heard the message and are aware that many people are upset. I asked her if she could, or would, go into a few more details. She said she could not. I said thank you, and hung up. Was Mike Nelson really in a meeting? Is LucasArts really aware of how upset we are? Does Mike Nelson's administrative assistant know more than she's telling us? Are the Dynamic Duo going to make it through this terrible catastrophe? Find out on the next episode of Sam & Max.

*Could it be a meeting concerning the Dynamic Duo??

P.S. This is my first post. Wow.
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