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Nom and Tarila were on the bridge of their ship, still in orbit around Coruscant. Tarila suddenly leaned forward.

"There he is," she announced. Greer's ship was easing slowly into the traffic lanes above Coruscant. She jumped quickly from her seat and ran to the hangar bay, where she got into one of the small black shuttles. In this, she kept a safe distance away from Greer's ship, but close enough that she could see where he was going. When he landed, she kept going, but made a mental note of where he had landed.

After a short hunt, she was able to set her shuttle down. Then, she returned by foot to the place that Greer's ship had set down. As she approached, she saw Greer and company walking toward an air taxi. Once they had all gotten in, Tarila walked across to it.

The pilot of the air taxi yelled at her to step back and she obeyed, but what none of the occupants of the taxi knew was that she had placed a tracker on it. She went back to where she had landed the shuttle and followed the air taxi.

When she saw where it stopped, she turned and went back to her ship, where Nom was waiting.

"Your turn," she told him and handed him a slip of paper. It had the address of the place that the air taxi stopped on it. Nom took a different shuttle and went to the surface. He was going to have fun with this.

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