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Not what I trying to get across Et warrior. The whole point is to give power to people who will use it wisely. The whole idea heinlein was trying to express is that giving everyone franchise or full political power DOES NOT make them more responsible citizens. Besides, in starship troopers people only got voting rights and the right to run for public office AFTER they leave the service. They had NO political rights while serving and not all those people were military. So of them were just plain government workers. The whole reason they got power was because their experiences taught them to look at things from the perspective of the good of the many over the good of the one. Also, the people who didn't have voting rights still had free speech, freedom of the press, etc. The simple harsh reality is that what WE concieve of as democracy may take a new shape to serve the needs of future generations. A shape which we may not agree with. That's the way life works. Nothing stays the same.

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