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B5 M2 (Attack Imperial Convoy) help!

Here's my problem:

I can take care of the Hurrim, no problem...I can take care of the Imperials, no problem. However, about 30 seconds after I've destroyed the last of the Hurrim, I get a mission failed message, stating that FGT Jericho has been destroyed. Jericho is back with the I don't know why it happens...I've tried hypering back before it's destroyed but after destroying the Hurrim...can't get there in time...and when I go back to the Liberty and take a look around, there is no sign of Jericho, but no sign of trouble, either.

I recently installed new opts from Darksaber...didn't know if that might have something to do with it? I suppose I may just have to skip the mission, because it's obviously some glitch that causes Jericho to be destroyed when it is.

Anyone else experience this? Any ideas?


<nevermind...somehow, Jericho ceased to inexplicably explode halfway through the mission...iz all good now. ONWARD!>
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