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There's very simple way of selecting people for the right to vote. Anyone willing to join government service, willing to suffer, risk their lives, for minimal pay I might add, and act for the good of a nation rather than their own hides deserves the right to vote. Their religion and political views don't enter into it. The point is to make voting hard to reach because I guarantee you, very few people who don't deserve power are willing to risk their hides to get it. Could you imagine G W in an actual combat unit as a bid to earn his presidency? I don't. And even if he did go through such a trek, he's still gotta deal with constituents who understand military matter, have the agression to question authority, and enough brains not to commit their fellow man to a conflict which earns more suffering than value. Also, if you look at how difficult training is for such units, you'd realize anybody who wasn't fully prepared to make a serious commitment to doing their duty to their country ain't gonna cut it.

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