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Voting is the right of all citizens regardless of their "civil service." This is the way it should be and was the clear intent of the Founding Fathers, though the definition of "citizenship" has changed over the course of 200 years (some would say to the expectations and hopes of many FF).

A system of excluding those that choose not to serve their country amounts to a form of tyranny. Moreover, it works under the a priori notion that "civil service" is exculsive of any duties that are not in direct employ of the government. Our society is such that all members (even non-citizens) serve the nation in some capacity: business owners, cashiers, ditch diggers, volunteers at soup kitchens, etc.

Excluding a typology of citizenship would ensure that "that type" doesn't vote. But perhaps these are the very voices that need be heard.

Dissent is a concept that this nation was built upon and is a patriotic ideal. The dissenters deserve as much right to vote as the hardline, civil servants...

Also, if you look at how difficult training is for such units, you'd realize anybody who wasn't fully prepared to make a serious commitment to doing their duty to their country ain't gonna cut it.
More baloney. I retired from the military and can assure you that all ratios of intellect are well represented. The military is a predictive cross-section of normal society. What changes is the culture (jargon, norms of behavior, etc.) and the job skills.

A military serviceman is no more or less qualified to vote than the person flipping burgers at your local Wendy's (assuming the same age-grade).

Anyone willing to join government service, willing to suffer, risk their lives, for minimal pay I might add, and act for the good of a nation rather than their own hides deserves the right to vote.
Of course they do. As does anyone willing to look for a job in today's job market, go to college and obtain an education, fix the cars as a mechanic in a garage, pull the fries out of the oil as soon as the timer goes off, or grow food on a farm to feed the nation, or .....

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