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((Okay let's get this thing rolling again))

*Washington, Inside a Secret Facility*

*A man in a suit stands in a semi illuminated room, looking at a tank of fluid.

Inside the tank of fluid mechinery whom worked another man, or at least seemed to be.

He bore the common characteristics of a demon posed as a human, through his long hair, the points of the ears, the suttleness around his mouth where the small points of his fangs, and the claws for one's fingernails, even though they were about a half an inch long, they were still sharp. He also bore something that wasn't very common at all, although he bore wings, they weren't demonic at all, they were more bird or angelic, however the feathers where long and dark.

One of the wings had been damaged severely, including a few other places. But the one major thing was that his left wing was nearly severed in half.

It seemed that an animal or something tore it in half. The mechinery was preforming reconstructive sergery on the wounds, one of several that came before, and meny soon to come.

Five hours the demon would spend in the tank a week, allowing him to heal what had been cut durning to sergery...*


*Approx 1/4 mile from the mansion*

*A priest and a few disciples, stood in side a consealed area within bushes and trees.

They gave prayer to god and themselves.*

Disciple "Father, why are we here?"

Priest "Becuase there is an abomination nearby, it is our right that such abominations should not live, for such abominations are agenst god's will for them to be created. Their one true home is hell where they belong..."

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