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No, of course it's not a plug...

At least not more than this thread is a plug to my site...

The "Infernal Machine"-soundtrack was ripped from the N64-version via a direct cable-connection to a PC. The N64-version has a music menu (which was very comfortable for getting all the music)... unfortunately there's only occasional music in "Infernal Machine". This means that - though it's around 56 Minutes of music - it's 137 (!!) files, most of them with a duration of around 10 seconds... I am not yet sure how to create a soundtrack out of THAT. I have thought about editing together several files, but most of the are jingles, that only work on their own.

The other idea is to simply put up all the files, and creating a cover without a track listing... so you can choose the tracks you like for yourself. But a CD with 137 tracks isn't very nice (I even think that regular CD-players only support a maximum of 99 tracks per CD).

Regarding Zak and Loom, yes, I will indeed use the music from the FM-Towns versions... and yes, I will link to SoundFontIsland, instead of reuploading the stuff to my site's webspace. (But I'll do covers and host them ALL BY MYSELF :P )

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