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Exclamation BUSH trying to kill your OVERTIME Protection!

I was watching C-Span and Ed Kennedy was talking about this. I honestly new nothing about this tell I turned on the TV.
I can say only that I was shocked. Not only does he "BUSH" want to take away overtime he wants to take it away from Firefighters, polices, and healthcare workers. Not just that, but if have served in the military your military training makes you ineligible for overtime benefits. I really don't understand that last one?

So this is double wammy for me. Not only do I work in the health care field I also served in the military. I have been looking for any good reason for this, but I can't seem to fined any. All I can think of is it puts more money in the hands of corporations. Now they can make you work as long as they want without having to pay you time 1/2.

I have never been on the Democrat side, but I could be voting that way this year. I really don't know of what to say other than what I have. That is how it is. Does anyone know anything about this that I don't? By the look of some of the dates on these sites this has been going on for a long time now.

I thought Bush wanted to get reelected?

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