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Originally posted by obi-wan13
I don't think he's obsessed with the avatar, I think he's just trying to make a point in a civilized manner, which he has done here. He's presented his views, and has posted why his views are like that. I think the fact that the thread is about this should have nothing to do with judging his character.
I didn't say he wasn't presenting his views in a civilized manner. I simply will not bother having a discussion with a sexist, because anything I say will fall on deaf ears, and would be a complete waste of my time.

BlackDove currently has an avatar of an anime male that in which you can see his chest.

I am not offended.
That comment was immature. A man's chest is not a sexual part of his body.

The question here is why are we offended by a picture of bouncing boobs. Let me break it down for you.

It is hard enough for the women in this forum to feel comfortable as it is. We are faced with many stereotypes such as we are rubbish at games, don't like Star Wars, we must be ugly to be posting here etc etc. A picture of bouncing boobs belittles us further. It is a symbol of male dominance, which says one thing, women are nothing but sexual objects to be gawked at.

It is also inapropriate for this forum. We have a certain standard to maintain seeing as there are a high number of younger members. Allowing an avatar like that can lead to a number of other similar avatars, and this is a family forum (the Star Wars forum at least).

Would it be ok to allow a picture of an animated covered bouncing penis? No it wouldn't. And yes, boobs fall into the same category. Both are sexual parts of the body that if presented uncovered on this forum, would be considered porn. Would it be ok to allow a picture of real boobs bouncing up and down? No it wouldn't. The fact that the avatar is a cartoon makes no difference.

I myself have boobs in my avatar, so as you can see, I am not offended by pictures of boobs, so long as they are presented in a decent manner. If someone was to have a picture of just boobs, then I would consider it offensive aswell, for the reasons stated above.

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