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Extra! Extra! Holy Grail found!

Wow! That's quite inventive. It would be worth it just for the end credits. You could probably stand to remove some of cues, like the ones that are basically just one note.

On a different note, can just take the time to thank you for making your site look so professional and (important this) official?
While making a Kotor CD, I had to use the CD Burner in my Uni library. Unfortunately, the CD was screwed up, so I had to complain to the person in the library who sold it me. Before she would give me a replace, she had to know what I was doing... long story short (too late), I persuaded her that the MP3s were being officially released. Because your site looked like an official and professional LucasArts deal, she was convinced and I didn't get kicked out and/or fined.
Nice work!
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