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i just like to say a female breast is a secondary sexual attribute, while a penis is a primary one.

also, wobbling or not is not a question either, not for a penis, breast nor vagina (which would be the "correct" opposite to penis).

i now many girls who actually like female breasts and are in no way offended by it or find it degrading, no matter if shown wobbling, naked or err.. in any "normal" sexual context and as long as it is on the "bright side of life" and without prices printed on it. cutting it of would be offending or degrading..

but jumpy boobs are not degrading women nor are 'rotating' penises degrading men. it probably just does mean someone is running after the bus.

NOT an appropriate avatar? .. hmm. depends, but discussable.

lexx.. doing this without moving the rest of the body= all mens dream

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