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Oh, and while you're on the "values" concept, why don't you go change the ad's for here - they're mostly for whoring or picking up sexual partners. What's that? You can't change them? So money and keeping this place alive is _more_ important than values? Thought so. Thank god, because I'm all for keeping this place alive by any means necessary, as is apparently the one who pays for the server (although it's not something to be shouted with a megaphone)
As you can see here, we are trying to do something witht he ads.

Now things like these just piss me off to no end - sorry to get emotional but this just goes on my nerves.

a) Get your schooling straight - stop reading leXX's crap for granted, unless you really feel you are a woman abuser (because if you read more carefully and analyze she actually in her generalistic terms has you pegged for one)
It doesn't really matter if breasts are "second category" sexual classification/whatever. It's still in the sexual category, and not needed here.

b) Never, EVER EVER state me the obvious. I know what the admins can and can not do. I know it, I respect it. This isn't democracy - this is more like tyranny - but as I said above, members opinions _SHOULD_ count. That is why this thread exists. Read my post, not just the one of the female so you would feel safe and secure and every female would love you.
I've read every post on here. You're just making a big deal over something that was already settled long ago. The person will survive without his bouncing breast avatar.

And wow, since 11, you're certainly a special little boy arn't you.
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