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And this is a civilized discussion? Heh.

Well I really didn't want to waste my breath, but *sigh* it seems I must.

Originally posted by BlackDove
[B]Please leave the personal predisposition crap you carry, in the trash where it belongs. Here's the inside scoop - if this was as personal as you make it out to be, I usually wouldn't give your opinion the time of day just because you are who you present yourself to be, however I have to, because someone somewhere gave you the position of authority (which was justified to the one who gave it to you I guess - but don't worry, we'll come back to that).

So don't flatter yourself to be any better than me woman, because your farts doesn't smell any more like flowers than mine do.

Okay? Thanks.
I am neither sexist, racist or homophobic, so believe me, my farts do smell a damn sight sweeter than your foul smelling ones.

I thank you for trying to teach me what is sexual and what is not. Here's some inside fact - I've been having sex since I was 11 years old (for those ignorant to biology - that's two to three years permaturely before males are sexually ready to procreate) - so I think I can safely say that I've had enough training in what is sexual and what isn't (btw, the fact I had sex prematurely doesn't necessarily mean it was rape - only by law). Now I don't know what your experiences are like - but the true inside scoop is that you have no idea what it's like to be a man and therefore are not qualified to judge werther the tip of my toenail is sexual or isn't. In my experience, it _is_ sexual, and since I'm a man I can stand by that fact. See - if what you say is true, then I can say that female breasts are not sexual. But we're giving you the benefit of the doubt (because it has been documented that female breasts are a sexual object) so we're considering it as a sexual thing.

Get your facts straight.
You contradict yourself. You say I am not a man therefore I am not qualified to tell you which part of a mans body is sexual or not. You are not a woman, so you are not qualified to tell me what part of my body is sexual or not. And this leads into another point. You are not a woman, so nothing gives you the right to say what is offensive to a women or not. This one point alone moots everything you say, but I will continue nethertheless.

Ah, there we are. The real reason. Let me break it down to you.

a) You are not the authority on how women feel on this forum - however I would like to hear from other women on this forum that are /not/ your friends, and do not feel that loyalty to ride the same ship you do (see I get to do that because I as a male am the accused one here as the rest of the males on this forum of being women abusers )
No, I'm certainly not the authority on how women feel in this forum. They have and will express their own opinions on this, I'm sure, and I, unlike you, will respect that opinion. Trying to say that anyone who agrees with me on this is only doing so because they feel some sort of loyalty to me is weak.

b) You are not the authority on deciding for all women on this forum how they feel about their gaming abilities, skills or looks
I was talking about stereotypes. What the hell are you talking about?

c) You are not the authority on what is or is not a symbol of male dominance (because you obviously don't understand the concept) and what it is trying to say
No, I think it is you who does not understand the concept of male dominance. Perhaps you should look it up.

Now that we broke down the fact that you are indeed not the ruler of this universe, we can safely say that you don't have a point.
That must mean that you are indeed the ruler of this universe, and only your point matters right?

You only have your opinions which are, to be perfectly honest, not found on anything but your own (horrific as they may be) experiences and the fact that you haven't been schooled enough in the art (yes, I meant to say art) that is the human body.
No, I know nothing about the human body, and I have two kids to prove it.

As far as human feelings go in accordance to the human body - in this case the female human body - you can ONLY speak for yourself. The fact that you see yourself as a sexual object for males to gawk at (which is, by the way, true for a big part of this community, supporting your point - but you generalize so I get to kill it) , inept in your skills to hold a game - that's your problem.
The whole point is that I do not see myself as a sexual object for males to gawk at. I guess you missed that.

You don't see me bitching and whining how females are getting better grades in schools because they are _females_ and how I see them turn on the waterworks to get their grade changed (that's a fact, I've witnessed it MORE than once, and as I've been told other people have)
You just did.

or how the only reason you ever qualified to be a moderator was the fact that you are popular, and the reason you are popular is because you're a female in a male infested community (and you know it, since you obviously hold the male world associated with gawking at you because of your breasts - good call).
And there we have it. The only reason I was given the position of moderator is the fact that I'm female right? No other reason at all. How very...what's the word...sexist.

Let's continue, shall we?

Okay, forum/family values. No. You can't say "still boobs are okay, but bouncing ones aren't" and still play the "inapropriate" harp. That's like laughing and then saying "No, it's not funny". Also may I REMIND you that the Star Wars universe is gruesome as well as sexual in itself (you might want to reference YOUR OWN AYALA SECURA THREAD IN YOUR FORUM - which isn't sexual, but downright disturbing because the character is an ailien - therefore of a different species - kind of like trying to insinuate a goat is sexy) - and shot by a live video camera (people were just wearing costumes for the most part - aside from CGI). Here is where you don't have a point about this being a family/good values forum.
I can say bouncing boobs are inappropriate and still ones aren't, because bouncing boobs, as you've said yourself, are purposefully drawing your attention to them, which gives the avatar one purpose and one purpose only, "look boobs!".

The bouncing image was an ANIME image (by the way - NOT hentai - I deal a lot with anime and hentai for a website, separating the two, and I _KNOW_ the boundaries) which was drawn by hand.
Like I said before, animated or real, makes no difference.

Oh, and while you're on the "values" concept, why don't you go change the ad's for here - they're mostly for whoring or picking up sexual partners. What's that? You can't change them? So money and keeping this place alive is _more_ important than values? Thought so. Thank god, because I'm all for keeping this place alive by any means necessary, as is apparently the one who pays for the server (although it's not something to be shouted with a megaphone)
I have no more control over the adverts here than you. It' up to the admins to change them. Same way I have no control over the outcome of this thread. If they decide the bouncing boobs stay, so be it. I do however agree with you about the content of the adverts. I do find it laughable that you so strongly object to adverts about whoring or picking up sexual partners, but at the same time argue about this.


Here again you go with the penis. Didn't I tell you above that it just DOESN'T compare? Get the biology straight. It's NOT the same category, and in this instance I don't have to be a woman to realize it because I've had male and female scientists to write books about it for me to read them, backed up by research. Move on, that point was killed by me a long time ago. Also - real boobs that are covered up, bouncing would probably be more amazing than the anime ones - however we're discussing ANIME only here, which is a much lesser charge than the real thing.

So you've had male and female scientists write books about it for you, backed up by research. Riiiiiiight. I admit, in todays society, boobs are regarded as a lesser sexual object than a penis. This doesn't change the fact that they are still sexual objects nethertheless.

Congratulations - you at least tolerate it to some end, thank god. However now you say that the image of still breasts is offensive, yet it is acceptable? Get on the proper ship, you can't ride two.
Why don't you actually read what I posted? I said an image of just breasts would be just as offensive, because they would serve the same purpose.

Only people who hold themselves in a higher regard to everyone else, feels they have the right to preach. Kinda funny that, seeing as you accused me of thinking that I held myself in a higher regard than everyone else.

a) Get your schooling straight - stop reading leXX's crap for granted, unless you really feel you are a woman abuser (because if you read more carefully and analyze she actually in her generalistic terms has you pegged for one)
I don't have anyone pegged for a woman abuser apart from you, so don't think you can speak for me thank you very much.

Aside from the replied above, congratulations to some people (you too actually leXX - I was gonna get dissapointed by your first reply) for actually keeping the discussion going.
That statement reeks of arrogance.

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