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Originally posted by alsnow
it also looks like the grafitti of max is crying and next to him is a $ sign. On the "sign" their giving us, max is on the fire and it says "SPRING-MARCH..." so if these do mean anything i wonder what the "..." means, is there somthing else to come?
hahahaha, that came out so awfully ironic and stupidly poignant that I think you should review for modern art galleries for a living.

I hate modern art. I hate RayJones. (not really, man, I love you in a dislike sort of way. Hey let's get on the internet and talk stupid garbage blah blah why do I tpy etg;ldf
eat peas! Hey jesus, are you watching that new Movie passion of the CHRIST from up THere? Because if so have I got a Hamlet of a deal Hamlet was the pig's name from tiny toons. **** Warner Brothers
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