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Since BlackDove here has decided to act like a male chauvinistic pig, I feel no reason to act civilized in my following criticism. Fair warning.

As a male staffer of this joint, I think it's imporant to echo the resentment of the bouncing-breasts avatar. It's quite obvious that this is a unisex board (despite a high male population). If we get complaints from female users who feel offended, we deal with it. We respect all members of our forums, and if they have a problem, we accomodate them. It's been well known around the regulars of Yoda's Swamp that this particular avatar is not allowed.

The posts above have shown that certain people refuse to give up their opinions.

BlackDove, your opinions on breasts are meaningless. Frankly, I don't give a damn about your stories of having sex when you were 11, which isn't related to this topic. The concensus among the staff is that this avatar is not allowed - you're welcome to question, but you're not welcome to be a sexist asshat. Saying that leXX was chosen to be on our staff due to her gender is completely uncalled for, and your disregard for the members who have voiced their opinions in this thread is not welcome. If I see you insulting my fellow staffers and community members with your sexist attitudes one more time, I will impose a ban, length determined by the administration of this forum.

Y'hear? Any more mindless bitching going on in this thread, and I will close it.
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