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that is exactly the kind of movie i do not prefer. nah. they promise not a tenth of the fun of licking an ashtray.

and may i point out that you forgot the closing bracket.
also, if you say that you love me in a disliking way, is that the way you want to improve your self esteem or only because you really think that i, sitting here in my small, warm, smelly and sound isolated room, would, in any form, be even thinking about giving you what kind of reply ever to that sort of brilliant, awesome and respect-demanding kind of posts, which are, if you allow me this personal and emotion dripping comment, plainly the internet appropriate way to show your inner feelings to people you do not even care about.
plus, to give it the dot on the i, and that is absolutely the show-stopper, because one needs excellent skills due to years of hard and sudorific training for a par excellence execution, what explains why, and that is the only reason possible why, you must have missed the lesson where they told that i, ray jones, would never even pay the third of a second of my even most distracted attention to this, just like you seem to deny to even think about the possibility you better should have not missed it, because then, literally, there would be a nearly infinite decreased amount of garbage, and i am not talking about garbage like that stuff you crawl after a hard, depressing day in your oh-so-funny life out your briefs to garnish your pasta, which can be found in your so praised internet, you are not even finishing your

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