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I personally have no problem with the bouncing boobs and can't help but feel like some of the females round here might be slightly over-reacting... I would definately not be offended by a rotating penis in a female dominated community. The avatar (if I'm thinknig of the right one) was light-hearted and was probably intended for a bit of humour. As soon as this place clamps down on not-so-serious sexual or non sexual humour then it isn't worth coming here.

Of course though, if people are really offended then it shouldn't be allowed but I believe BD shouldn't be getting a warning just for expressing his views.... even if he comes off as a rascist, sexist or whatever. He may have a string whiff of arrogance around him and a few daft claims about members of staff but the discussion is on the Bouncing Boobs... not him.
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