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The idea of a PG forum is the guideline that those higher than I go by and bid the rest of us to abide by.

Generally, we use our own ideas of what is appropriate for kids to view. If a parent looks over their child's shoulder and sees a pair of breasts in motion...well, our goal is to stop that kind of thing from happening, because we care about all of our users, regardless of age.

You seemed to imply in your earlier posts that the administration doesn't value the opinion of the members, but in fact, the opposite is true. We act on the knowledge that there are younger members, that there are some sensitive members, but not that there are admittedly sexist members. What it boils down to is that your opinion is skewed no matter how 'objective' you attempt to be.

What qualifies an anime movie as PG does not qualify this forum as such. Have a look at the name. Look at the antiquated banner. Is this an anime forum?

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