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I was going to write a long thread, but after losing the page (after quoting 15 posts worth of text) I really can't be bothered to try again.

In short;

BD originally started off quite civilised.

Lexx's first reply was typical feminist defencive reactions. (I will quote if forced too)

I'd also liked to add I know exactly what avatar is being talked about since it's been everywhere, and, it's not sexist, heh, it's as Ecchi (perverted) as some anime gets.

If it were included in an animated program, providing things didn't progress from it, the program would be rated, a PG.
Yea, PG.
For UNDER TWELVES as well as Over Twelves.

Anime is decidedly Ecchi as it is, it was done that way because it was originally branded childish, animes like Akira rebel from that image and always push as far as they can.

Degrading to women?
LOL, Watch AppleSeed, or Ghost in the Shell, Women play lead roles, and often are portrayed doing the same jobs as men (including lifting trucks and stuff in some animes or ultraviolence, etc, etc, female directors, etc), anime is less sexist than any other cinematic production media, with the simple exception of fanservice.

Onward, my point about the avatar is, I would say LEXXs avatar is more suggestive/sexual than the bouncing anime one.

Lexxs second reply commenting on how the chest is not a sexual part of a mans body - lies.
The chest is often refered to as a "sexy" part of a mans body.
Do you seriously want to go down the road where NO FLESH can be shown, and nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING with even POTENTIAL sexual reference (because BDs pic does have some sexual reference in it though it is much deeper than you could guess from a simple picture) is allowed?

better get rid of your avatar then.

So far as the first two replies from the "super mod" go, they strike me as hypocritical and contradicting, which is wonderful since she accuses BD himself of being contradicting later on (though admittedly it does look like he would be).

If edlibs comments were to be addressed no nationalist signatures/avatars would be allowed either (check his avatar).

SWP is actually right, admins do get their way, obviously.
But, that's about it.

As to the need of the thread;
Would it not be constructive to publicly set out lines of how conservative this forum is going to be? or, is it, as it appears to be, simply run as a shambles where personal (biased) moderator oppinions run the ropes without input?

I normally do do this much more reasoned and thoroughly but as I said above I can't be bothered due to IE Illegal op :P
Lexx ~ If you didn't come across as such as (sorry) "soccer mum"(mom?), it probably wouldn't be as much of an issue, but you agrivated the point yourself.
Your very, first, post, was a FLAME.
Very first reply from a "Super Moderator" -- was a FLAME.

On the forum where I am currently moderator/admin staff, the thread would have been closed, or edited out here, and the topic reviewed again in a different light in private.
And potentially that moderator losing their position, simply because sexual bias and oversensativity IS NOT Behaviour becoming of a moderator, nor an admin.

Just a little FYI for you if you were going to seriously go down the road of male dominated world, Lexx.

In england girls get considerably better grades then guys on average at GCSE and A Level, this is because up until the last two years of education, teachers/courses were actually orientated and engineered in a way that put females at a natural advantage over males.
This was an over-correction the government made in an attempt to stop so many girls dropping out and getting pregnant in the previous decades (IIRC this started in 1988... though I couldn't give you a 100% on that one).
You do realise that whilst statistically women do earn less and are in lesser positions because they feel /pressured/ to look after children, or tend the household, etc, this is because of programs they/their friends watch and the way their PARENTS brought them up.

It's completely possible for women to attain the same positions as men in this world, completely possible, just that, as most of my female friends (whom several are very successful market/advertising managers or shrinks(my college specialised in these fields)), most women wuss out, or feel that they can't ignore their "internal system" and feel that "their time is running out." -- Stupid things, worries about never having kids.

Things men are more likely to ignore.

Jeds post I'm not going to address since it didn't actually interject any material -- just more moderator flames on BD.

Matt-Windu, you seem to be being reasonable, except the lack of sarcasm detection;
As I said earlier, the image you are discussing, is, quite solidly, PG.
You actually see, nekkid, full blown, animated, and "felt up" nipplage in one of the more famous/well known animes~
Evangelion Neon Genesis.
That episode is rated a 15, if not it's a 12. (I'd have to go get the vid...)

Not bad for a first post, at least I didn't out right flame, but sorry about my general laziness, it probably makes my posts seem somewhat less valid.

(This is the point where 20 people start thinking to themselves ....oh crap....its QD.....)

Matt - didn't see that "PG anime not PG here" comment (I was posting during it heh).

remind me what rating the LEXX Series had? 15? 18?
I would spend some time noting down avatars that are not PG (I will promise you even if this forum is mainly anime ava's, there will be more non-PG non-Anime ones, than non-PG Anime ones).

If the continent wide European TV/Movie Age listings -- people who are qualified, to do so, don't rate something as above PG I don't really see it as this forum rating something above PG I see it as feminist(in this specific case) views forcing over conservative positions.
It was discussed with other moderators, but, heh, I would rather see that discussion done by the moderators in public because instantly a few images pop into my mind as to how that discussion went.

Everybody's keeping secrets, never let me get back.

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