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I'll level with all of you, I personally have no problem with the bouncing smilie, but again, that's a guy's perspective. They were just a fad when they originally popped up en mass, and like so many other avatar fads, it would have faded away in good time.

The general consensus among my staffers seemed to be that the users felt it was offensive, and as I'm no where near as active as I once was, I took that as an objective assessment. If I was mistaken to assume such a thing, now is the proper time to admit that.

Given all the facts, and all the points you've made, I'll appeal to the numbers.

Here's what we're going to do...
  • I'm going to move this to the feedback forum
  • I'm going to let each opposing side start a thread there
  • Post only once in either of the threads to show support for your side
  • Only users with over 300 posts will be counted. This is to prevent either side from registering additional users to effectively stuff the ballot.
  • Do not in anyway spam, trick, or otherwise coerce other users into posting. Label the thread clearly.
  • The polls close on Friday, March 26th, at 6 PM EST.

That seems the fairest way to conduct things at this point.

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