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When the purpose of the avatar is only to watch the boobs rock up and down, it can make a woman feel a bit meaningless when you don't pay attention to her but her little buddies.

The reason still boobs are accepted is because most of the time they are not the point of the avatar. Look at Lexx's Aayla avatar. Sure, it has boobs. But it does not demean the woman by flagrantly bouncing up and down.

EDIT: It may seem sexist, but no, it's not sexist to like boobs. It's just when you pay more attention to boobs than women...

EDIT AGAIN: I respect the opinions of the male members who find nothing wrong with the avatar. I knew as soon as I saw it that the avatar would cause trouble. Frankly, sexual objects depicted as the "main attaction" will be and always will be determined as something not to be allowed.

A) No one has the authority to discern what is right and wrong for the entire forums. Each forumer has his or her own opinions and while these are respected, it would also be wrong to ignore the avatar because in this particular forum, it is viewed as offensive and can be deemed sexual harrassment. Sexual harrassment is speaking or doing something that makes a person feel sexually uncomfortable. I can assure you some women would find that an uncomfortable situation. Therefore it is the jurisdiction of the moderators/administrators to ban this avatar because it causes a problem.
B) Please do not demean the opinions or posts of others in a way that would make them feel inferior to yourself. This presents the topic in question in an awful manner, since it is based solely on opinion, yet you kill the opinions of others?
C) Lexx and Shann make good points. The purpose of the avatar as I have stated already is the boobs of the girl. If the picture did not focus on the boobs sorely as an entertainment value it would be deemed alright I would suppose.

My 2 cents. And no, I'm not here to support Lexx. I think she makes a good point and I can understand why Shann and her would feel that way. (mmmm I'm way too feminine for my own good)

That's the last time I buy anything just because it's furry!

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