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Originally posted by Acrylic
Is it sexist to like breasts? Well, cartoon breasts are childish...but still. Feminists piss me off. Why? Because they always think that they are getting degraded when men are being put down on the same way by women. Hypo-biggot-crytes.
I think, in a nutshell, that's what this thread was about, Acrylic.

Matt - Though as you can tell I am new around here, it should be fairly obvious I'm no one's second account, if only from the totally non-masked IP/etc. Wanted to say that just before I made my point to ya.

Although this isn't my thread, BD did spend a while trying to learn more than a few things from me... and, Although it looks like he's campaigning for the "rights to use one particular avatar" on this forum, I very much doubt (though I could be wrong) that this was his actual intention, in all honesty I doubt he cares about the avatar at all, but that his point is somewhere between Acrlyics and my own.

Is your forum becoming too conservative in it's moderators views of what is acceptable? ~
With problems like these facing todays youth, I hardly expect a pair of animated as in not real bouncing breasts is going to worsen anything.
Those kids are worse than I currently have ever been, and, I'm 20, they're 1/5 my age.

Mike - as I said, that's personal preference, I find lexx's avatar more likely to affend, but then again, I'm a rather seasoned anime fan.
I dispise hentai.
It's interesting to note that BD didn't want me to post in this thread when I was first shown it, mostly because he figured I would "defend the ladies rights" ~ Well, normally I do, and, normally I would, however in this case I would refer you to acrylics post again.
The people that dislike it are either being;
Over protective of stupidly sensative people.
Over conservative.
Or Feminist (baka...).

I may post more later.

Ja ne ^^

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