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Originally posted by Acrylic
Is it sexist to like breasts?
When did I ever say it was sexist to like breasts? Why don't you actually read a thread before you post in it.

Originally posted by BlackDove
and even though I am a sexist

Originally posted by Acrylic
Feminists piss me off.
Feminists only piss off sexists. Guess that's thier job eh? Heh.

Originally posted by BlackDove
Striking though that she can call me racist and homophobic, which is unfounded, yet I'm the one getting warnings.
When did I call you racist and homophobic?


A lot of words are being put into my mouth aren't they?


Anyway, I won't bother replying to the rest of it, because quite franky, I would just be repeating myself, and this thread has always been pointless.

Go ahead and have your bouncing boobs if you feel so strongly about it, but I will have every right to have my clothed wobbling penis avatar if that's the case (and STTCT will have every right to have her penis avatar), and then we will see how far everyone will take it, and we will see just how pathetic this place can and will become. If you want to spend the rest of your forum life looking at bouncing boobs and woobling penis's, so be it.

Yes, I'm being childish, no more so than the avatar's themselves.

Oh, and I'd like to thank Jed for realising that I'm being attacked simply because I'm female. =)

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