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Originally posted by leXX
So it would ok for me to use this as an avatar then?...

While I didn't particularly care for the avatar of the bouncing breasts, I put up with it, just as I would put up with this one. Also Taboo is the effect that drives sexuality, in some cultures breasts aren't a big deal and are shown without tops. While I have not grown up in those cultures I still have no problem with naked breasts. I still found it to be a bit low in tact. I was able to pull of a chuckle at the bouncy av and even the mr bean groin avatar. Some things I just find unneccesary to fight over, While I repect what you say leXX, it is hard to overcome these stereotypes of being a starwars girl, someone can't also forget hman nature that people are people.
I was glad to see it gone considering this is a family forum.

also one cannot argue marijuana as it isn't illegal everywhere. Nor is it considered a major problem everywhere. however the growing line thinning of what is deemed socially acceptable when it comes to sexuality. it's hard to make a judgement. I'm not sexist but I won't let myself fight over flopping breasts or a gyrating penis.

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