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If edlibs comments were to be addressed no nationalist signatures/avatars would be allowed either (check his avatar).
First: There's a big difference between Nazi symbology and most other nationalistic symbology due to the weight of history it carries around with it and the loaded potental it has to offend a very large group of people around the world due to the hate it carries behind the image.

Also: If someone had a legitimate problem with my avatar and expressed thier concerns eloquently enough to convince me that they were sincere, then I would change it in a heartbeat. I'm not in love with it,.. it's only an image, and as such represents only a small fraction of what I like to think is my personality and ideals.

For the record: I chose this avatar (as well as my current sig) as a gentle and somewhat ironic jab at the current election-year politics my country is currently going through. It is also a bit of an existental protest to the current climate of government censorship on various media (of which Zappa was great defender against, and in my mind a true patriot)

(By the way... before anyone gets the idea of saying that it's ironic for someone who uses a very noted and vocal defender of free-speech as his avatar to defend the actions of censorship at an internet forum, be sure you know what the definition of free-speech in America is, and EXACTLY what it defends and what it doesn't.)

In the end it's just a picture, kids. If that's what you really want to see then I can point you to about a half a billion places on the web where you can look at bouncing breasts to your hearts' contentment.
But if someone else, (and even if it's only ONE other person,) who also posts here everyday has a legitimate beef with an image or expression used in your profile that offends them everytime they go by one of your posts, then it shouldn't even be a question about changing it to something else. (Unless you are really only here to get in other people's faces and provoke them. In which case you should simply be banned, since that is NOT what this place is about.)

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