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the avatar was reported offensive by many members. I think they served the members well.

also I've seen sick things in my life I doubt anything you show me could make me throw up. I've seen plenty of anime and pretty much every commercialized hentai.
I watch porn but I dont' come in here spouting it daily. I leave that in #echonet
I'm a very tolerant person. Notice how I pointed out I was able to accept the avatar even the gyratin penis one. I found them rather funny, juvenile but funny. I didnt' over react but I did think it was a bit tactless but then again so are the jay and silent bob movies but I enjoy watching those, because they are so over the top.

I also am a smoker and a drinker. I have seen bad things in my life. Yes it's deplorable people allow kids to get ahold of things such as crack and cocaine.

While I GREATLY disagree with Blackdove and you on certain points, I have to say I respect your ability to stand up for your opinions, no matter how much I find them disturbing,atleast Blackdoves that is.

also to point. I had a job with my local internet company which is making a family filter to use with kids, I had to test what all you could access through it, I had to go through child porn, beastiality, snuff films, other various forms of '"erotica". I doubt anything can compare to the nightmares those have given me. I have since left that job though, but I can say it has left a lasting effect on me. If we have a war on anything it should be a war on underground porn rings.

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