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Originally posted by Alegis Gensan
About the x-saber; first 'you' say guns shouldnt be allowed cause it's not 'TEH STARWARZ EXPERIENCE", then again letter shaped sabers are made. Well it looks well done, but nothing i'd ever download unless i was paid
R U saying I said there should be no guns? coz I'm sure I never said that. If anything JA was not as good a game as JO because you got your saber a the begining. In JA I the only gun I used regualy was the rifle, the rest were useles as you had your saber.

EDIT: Oh, i re read that, the 'you' is an 'everyone' you isn't it.

I admit your right in that case.

Oh and as to the gold saber thing, I was thinking a pool que would be the next one I do, not a very origonal idea I know but unless its been done... I would also do the two broken halves for use as double sabers.

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