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Originally posted by QuantumDelta
Actually, it's fairly easy to move to this conclusion (on how you think) from your text.
I don't see how you come to this conclusion from what I've posted in this thread. I haven't once said it's sexist to like breasts. I like breasts. Believe it not, I'm not the prude you make me out to be, as anyone who has known me long enough or chats with me outside this forum can tell you.

If I need character references to make this comment I will get them, however, I'm extremely anti-Sexist/Racist/Ageist/etc.
Glad to hear it.

on the same foot, feminists and other such groups who continue to campaign so militantly are equally ignorant and insecure/weak minded as the people they are campaigning against (we're all human, eh?)
I don't agree. I am actually not a feminist, even though you may jump to that conclusion from reading this thread, but I think it is certainly a good thing that other women are standing up for our rights to been seen as equal.

Not my argument but I'll grant the fact that I didn't see you call him racist or homophobic, however he, like I, most likely rate that in the same box as sexist.
I also put a sexist in the same box as a racist or homophobic, hence my mention of both in that post.

BD being sexist is something I repeatedly have mentioned annoys me, and tried to get him to change on it...
But bleh.
Regardless, being more neutral than thou, (heh...HTTS?) I would easily say, it's not a huge leap.
Though, like I said I didn't actually see the words anywhere.
I'm glad you are trying to get him to change his mind.

Well, maybe you should check the words you wrote below a little later on, being childish?
The avatars childish?
Anime is something in which is mainly viewed and enjoyed by young adults, and the split in male/female isn't actually as big as you would think (though it is fairly mainly male... but, tha'ts again down to socialist crap.. uhh... kinda like your socialist crap, but the polar opposite, though, you're just as bad as they are, and it's coming out that way as well, I will point out for the second time, in the same thread, that your behaviour, specifically in the next two passages, is COMPLETELY UNFIT For moderator behaviour).
I am actually a HUGE anime fan. I love anime with a passion. I don't have a problem with how breasts are portrayed in anime at all. But we are not talking about anime, are we?

Avoiding my own points?
Since I am just about the only person you haven't addressed..... more or less?
I'm not avoiding anyones posts at all, as you can see.

I've only been here two days, and I feel strongly about one thing that's exclusively here so far, your attitude.
Again, as the more I disect this passage, it's completely, completely, coutner-moderator.. (I have been offered moderator positions for other forums, as major as MMORPGs, as clan forums, and as LAN Arena company forums, I currently hold three of those positions, and I am fairly well valued on each forum).
I don't particularly care for your attitude either. Your opinion of me as a moderator doesn't bother me either. As you should know, when a moderator objects to anything, their position is instantly questioned. It's something I'm used to.

Find one which is anime, and we'll talk about it.
Whilst this one is not real it's a different issue, however is someone posted with an avatar of a real girl/lady in a bikini or a cloth, or a kimono doing the same thing I would back your oppinion, and BD knows I'm not kidding with that, there are limits.
As I said above, the material you are discussing as offensive, sexual, and sexist, is obviously NOT rated that way by the people who do the certificates on the films and TV Series you watch, because serise similiar to that, don't have a high enough rating to be considered ban material, it's not all that contraversial, and it's not exploiting any particular person.
I'm glad you agree that a real one is not appropriate, and I realise you don't think an animated one is in the same league, but I do.

Believe me, I've been on some of the worst and best forums on the web in terms of attitude, behaviour and other attributes you seem to value.
I will link you some in PM if you care to check, I don't wish to post them here out of respect for BD (Whom asked me to keep our relations to those other forums fairly seperate for a few reasons).
So have I.

An avatar, is an avatar.
I have one specific avatar I use on most forums, I haven't directed this forums profile toward it yet because I would have liked you to have acknowledged that there are people who are arguing against you that don't particularly give a damn about avatar/sigpic unless they're within acceptable boundaries.
My normal sigpic for the forum I frequent the most these days is currently;

With for a sig pic.

My last desktop background was;

My current backgrond;
Good choice. What? You thought I had a problem with them?

No, you're being childish, the avatars inthemselves are not, since they are inanimate objects, and are incapable of being anything other than avatars themselves.
What they are, is what you make of them.
As you state here, your objective to them seems to me, to be childish, on the grounds of insecurity.
I disagree. The avatar is extremely childish. Believe me, I have never been insecure, nor will I ever be.

Irony considering my own comments....
It would be easy for me to proceed from this comment that all you are doing here IS pushing your own oppinion on other people and IS flaming BlackDove.
I am not pushing my opinion on anyone. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Where exactly did I flame BlackDove? By calling him a sexist? He is a self proclaimed sexist, so calling him one isn't a flame.

Please, maybe some deeper thought would be a good idea before a moderator is going to post their [b]personal oppinions
I put a lot of thought into my posts, do you?

It is, and other oppinions should be taken into account, the moderators, are not here to serve themselves, they are here to serve the members of this forum, and they are here to keep the forum running smoothly, at this point in time I would be suggesting that, at least two, are doing the polar opposite.
I completely agree that we are here to serve other members of this forum. How exactly am I not doing that? Because I don't want to see bouncing boobs all over the place, and penis's and whatever else people can come up, this makes me a bad person right?

That's fine if you believe legality makes the difference, then you should be paying attention to the LEGAL rating that most anime containing content such as this avatar.
The only reasonable oppinion I have seen so far against it, has been one of the admins, whom wanted to keep the forums PG.
Meanwhile, others who are arguing it's sexist, and that's why they want it gone.

Sexist, heh.
I also said the avatar isn't appropriate for a family forum. My opinion that I think the avatar is degrading women remains the same.

Sexism to me is something I don't think lexx has ever seen, abuse of women (physical or mental) or men, simply because of which sex they are, sexuality is something different, sexuality in anime, heh, anime was originally meant to be, everything taboo, if you wanted to see some sexist stuff, I would post that, but considering how ignorant and how low your tollerance level for things seems to be I would consider you likely to throw up .
You don't think I've seen sexism? Heh.

As I said above, I have no problem whatsoever with anime.

So tell me, if a girl (as I have met a few who do) choose to use this avatar, are they sexist? Heh, being unable to link profiles to these people as most of the forums I've seen these avatars used on have died out (as said before it's a fad, it comes, it goes).
Not once have I said that if a person uses that avatar, they are sexist. All my comments have been directed at the avatar itself.

Generally speaking, though, someone who finds animes sexist are really about as ignorant as they come.
Like I said, I love anime, but this discussion isn't about anime, it's about and animated bouncing boob avatar, in a forum, not in a film or tv series or whatever.

I asked around, and, even on #animesuki (fansubbers irc chat channel) over on -- only one person, in the whole group (80 anime insane users) had ever seen a single sexist remark in anime. Scantily clad "perfect" girls, drawn a lot, but never actually in a sexist light, anime artists often like to tell stories with their anime and their focus is very rarely on sex (though there is a whole catagory that I avoid completely... about sex, from anime)..
See above.

Actually that's one of the best kind of parenting possible, if you don't deny your daughter of information she will be more prepaired, and, therefore stronger, and more capable of dealing with life when it throws things at her.
Due to the behaviour of Lexx, I would be interested on seeing how her children would develop mentally in comparison.
Though, that said, Lexx doesn't seem all that stupid, nor incapable, so the slight and probably normally indetectable difference in parenting would be a nice thing to note.

Again, I might be wrong, I don't know how she parents her children, however consider she is coming over as a fairly strong feminist, I wonder if she is inflicting those prejudices (Because they ARE Prejudices) on her children (I can tell that from her post she wouldn't do this conciously, I'm trying to make that point/musing as non-offencively as possible, but most of the ways you influence your children, are not conciously).
How I bring up my children is my business, and has nothing at all to do with this discussion. But I say again, I am not a feminist, even though I may come across as one.

As said, it was just a picture, if you didn't click the link or do not know what the picture is since it's anime it's not even real, it's not exploiting anyone, it's not berating anyone, it's not degrading anyone, and, I suspect it was never even intended in that light.
Again, I must disagree. The avatar does degrade women, whether you choose to see it or not.

It wouldn't even be rated 12, or 15 if rated for an age cert.

Hense I can't quite see your point in terms of looking at the picture as a pornographic one.
Then again, that's because I don't.
I don't see it as pornograpic either, just offensive.

I'm here because I'm a person who tends to enjoy a decent debate, when I first hit reply I expected one, since this forum seems to have pretty decent standards, and Jay upheld those standards.

I'ev been to this forum a few times over the past couple of years, everytime I never felt the need to sign up, because, unless something needs saying, I wont.

In this case, no one was saying, what I felt should have been said.
Though if Jay had posted earlier in the tone in which he posted just now, I most probably wouldn't be here, right now, unless he was ignored.
I enjoy a decent debate too, when I'm not too tired after looking after two young kids and can find the time (which is rare).

I have been doing my best to avoid flaming people or saying things which people may find offencive, but at the same time I refuse to be anything less than 100% sincere in what I say.
I echo that when I say I go out of my way not to insult people, but obviously people will find offence in a lot of things they read that disagree with their opinion.

On your note of saying if any specific avatar even affends a single person on this forum it should be removed, I will sustain that point, however, in that, specific case, I would point out the total, and extreme hypocrisy of lexx advancing censorship when posting with what I would deem a sexually orientated avatar, that is, a lot of cleavage that doesn't need to be there, with the loss of a few pixels, it would not be in the image, but she has chosen to leave it as it is.

and, along with the other points I have made (unmoderator like behaviour), it is this hypocrisy which would make me feel so strongly as to abject to the presence of that avatar.
When a precident is set, it is kept..
I change my avatar virtually every day, to mirror what I'm into or like at the time, but I have specifically kept this avatar this long to illustrate my point. How you find this avatar more offensive than one than has boobs bouncing up and down in it is quite honestly beyond me. My avatar in no way degrades the subject.


I'm obviously being made out to be some feminist prude who hasn't had a good seeing to in ages, but I assure you, I'm quite the opposite. I've "got my tits out for the lads" in IRC on more than one occasion, but this isn't IRC, nor is it an anime film, nor is it anything but a forum. The question is, is this avatar appropriate for this family forum, will it lead to other avatars that are worse than it with the excuse that if one person can have bouncing boobs, then why can't I have a bouncing penis or whatever else, and is this what everyone really wants this forum to become? The answer is left to the admins.

This discussion also seems to being going off on many tangents that have no relevence.

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