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Originally posted by leXX
I am neither sexist, racist or homophobic, so believe me, my farts do smell a damn sight sweeter than your foul smelling ones.
Excuse me, that's the first thing up there on your super refute post with excellent one-sentence-replies :roflmao:. Not only are you childish, but apparently unaware of your arguments.

Originally posted by leXX
Oh, and I'd like to thank Jed for realising that I'm being attacked simply because I'm female. =)
Yeah that's right, couldn't possibly be because your views on things are just downright stupid and socially ludacris (well in my opinion at least, but people apparently share it). However I understand it's hard to defend the afformentioned fact, so it's better to just blaim it on male abuse. After all, that is the real problem here, not the fact that we're living in the 21'st century while you're stuck god knows where in the past?

Originally posted by QuantumDelta
No clue.
Sexuality is not something I have a problem with.
(...*stares at BD waiting for the comment :P*...)

Hey, I was the one sharing my pre-adolescent experiences on the first page, and discussing the largness of my genitalia without any jokes. Stop glaring.

RayJones - First and foremost, thank god for the ability and experience to articulate things better than me, and I have to say that I agree with most/all you have to say on the issue of this avatar and general sexuality that the avatar may be radiating in connection with children. However although I will agree that this should be out in the open and it in fact is better for children and parents to tackle any incoming problems head on, because there is nothing wrong with it nor un-natural (I'll come back to your question in a sec), I will have to agree with Matt here, that this is indeed a Star Wars forum, not sex-ed or anime. As much as our freedoms are shrunked or expanded on this forum, we are all generally constrained by the theme in one way or another.

That's my opinion as far as children go in connection to the avatar. As far as the avatar and its effects on children, seriously, as my more-informed-about-anime biatch says, the avatar is not only morally harmless by social definitions (we know what's unacceptable and acceptable, in social terms, so let's not pretend that porn equates to that avatar), but also harmless in view with the rating syndicate.

As far as me being a sexist for liking the avatar -

The question -

Originally posted by RayJones:
we are naturally born naked and things that "hang" or are "attached" somewhere have the tendency to move. so why make an "unnaturally" thing of it?
I'll try to answer this the way I see it - the reason people find it un-natural or should we call it in leXX's case immoral is because for those people it doesn't matter werther the image in itself is or is not offensive, Because they associate the sexual organs with their own personal prejudice, with any kind of embellishment on said organs they have no other choice but to go down the irrational psycho road. I could be mistaken, but unlikely.

But then people say, she's a woman, she has every right to complain. Yeah that's true, but when her complaints rule over voices of reason because she happens to be authority, then I have a problem with it. No vote in the world on werther the avatar itself is appropriate or unapropriate in accordance to the rules of the forum helps my issue there.

So why do I have to suffer the consequences of someone who obivously has no ability to view the matter in the correct way? Because they're a moderator, so I'm supposed to just bend over and take it up the ass, and not only that, I have to agree that I'm a sexist, female-abuser, stereotipically male dominantor of poor opressed women, because I happen to like the avatar?

Just NO

Which in where lies the reason I risked a ban with my higly offensive post on the first page. While I will agree with Jed that moderators should hold their own, I just don't care about that aspect of solidarity when it comes to me being labled as the above.

I'll admit I'm sexist, but I'll admit that on my OWN and I won't have someone doing the definition for me just because they find the peice of art "unapropriate" and because they happen to be the authority in the place where it's inapropriate.

In any case, that's what my rant is about. Werther the avatar is acceptable for the forums or not, I guess we have a vote now, and we'll find out. But I will not be labeled as a dumbass officially, just because people can do that.

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