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Originally posted by StarWarsPhreak
The biggest problem I have with the avatar is it draws unwanted attention in public.

If I'm at school, in a library, or even at home, I shouldn't have to worry about someone looking over my shoulder and seeing an inappropriate avatar. They'll jump to conclusions and I could get in trouble (at school).

If anyone has to worry about a situation like that, then it shouldn't be allowed here.
that "unwanted attention" was actually what i was talking about, somehow..
there is nothing "special" about it, from my point of view it's like a "bouncy" presented male chest from a womans view.

so i wouldnt worry much at all, because i am only at lf, at least i could explain this and show my and all the other (appropriate) avatars here.
there is nothing to hide, everyone can take a look and will see that it is a "normal" forum in the internet. and maybe that someone who is looking over your shoulder would look long enough to see that anyways.
my girl can see what i am doing with my computer, if she is interrested though.
she's tough enough to know how to take such things and surely wouldnt have to say more than "*raises a brow* now THAT must hurt in the back after a while."

also maybe i would say that lf is not appropriate at school, at least during lessons..

Originally posted by QuantumDelta
In the mean time...some nub called ya a great quality poster.
hey, it's alway good to now what other nubs know, and err.. you havent seen my loads of crap yet..

but thank you for caring enough, after all the world is small.

Originally posted by BlackDove
However although I will agree that this should be out in the open and it in fact is better for children and parents to tackle any incoming problems head on, because there is nothing wrong with it nor un-natural (I'll come back to your question in a sec), I will have to agree with Matt here, that this is indeed a Star Wars forum, not sex-ed or anime.
that is, undoubtedly, another fact and i agree with that, too. i just have tried to point that "communication" thing out. however, you got the idea..

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