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Originally posted by Phwaching
Well... im unimpressed by the victorian attitudes some of you people have shown yourselves to have.

First off, feminism and sexism. I doubt very much of any of you are from the radical feminist (sexists) "all sex is rape" camp. And i'd also assume all of you believe in equal rights, or liberal feminism (common sense). Liberal feminists would have absolutely no problem with a 70x70 pixel picture of bouncing boobs on a cartoon girl. Who even spends more than 10 seconds looking at an Avatar? i dont even look once im used to them.
Say that everyone did look at every avatar and it actually mattered if you had a hardcore porn avatar (because in reality if one person did, you'd get used to it and stop looking)

The avatar has an anime babe with bouncing boobs. Boobs are seen everyday in every context. Theres been a steady loss of taboos about breasts. Welcome to 2004. This forum is still somewhere in the 1970s. I'm unimpressed that you could make such a big deal of it, going as far as to censor it. If anyone is offended by it, perhaps they should think about their own prudishness. The avatar was never meant to offend (if it was, it should be taken down) its just a stupid but mildly amusing avatar. Some 10000 words in you guys should have taken a raincheck and realized you were taking this way too seriously.

Jed and Lexx, as mods go, im unimpressed. Your original post was inciting lexx and Jed you didnt help, especially with your chronic wit deficiency making you look even stupider than you already do. Lexx, you've been flaming and abusing your mod position in this thread and also taking advantage of being a woman in a male dominated community. good job.

To sum up
You = Victorian censors with an outdated set of taboos.
BD, QD and Phwaching = The voice of the people. Those who refuse to stand for your fascist bull****.
Avatar = Harmless fun.
Radical feminists = RONG.
Conservatives = RONG.

got it?
Hold a sec, you just registered and you have a stance on this?

And sorry for my post, but I need to remember that when you fight with an idiot, they'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.


Oh, and another thing, am I rong or wrong? Two different meanings.

Wrong would imply I'm incorrect.

Rong would imply you suck at teh intarweb.
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