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Originally posted by Jed
Hold a sec, you just registered and you have a stance on this?

And sorry for my post, but I need to remember that when you fight with an idiot, they'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.


Oh, and another thing, am I rong or wrong? Two different meanings.

Wrong would imply I'm incorrect.

Rong would imply you suck at teh intarweb.
Before i address your points oh mighty moderator, i must first tell InsaneSith that he is a ****tard who wasted 10 seconds of my time to post that ridiculous remark about attacking me although he knows neither who i am nor my location. good job asshat!

Now Jed, lets address your points, but like you say, i ought not to get in too much of an argument with you or you might drag me down to your level (although we may not have enough time for me to get from my level to yours) and then perhaps you will beat me with experience. I doubt however this is the case, as you are not intelligent enough to address my points, preferring to look like a fool in front of your community.

Lets look at the start of the post: You just registered and have a stance on this? good question genius, had you bothered to read my post you would have noticed that the answer is yes, i do have a stance. you know how i decided upon it? i read most of the thread and then combined my personal opinions with the matter at hand and replied. You however prefer the "ignore the subject and post a random brainfart" approach. While i could perhaps accept this from a mere user, you would think that a moderator who has been hand picked for that position would perhaps consider replying in the context of the thread.

Finally, Rong would imply i suck at the intarweb? you go ahead and insult my clearly deliberate spelling by deliberately mispelling internet? I notice you forgot that in trying to own me you might have wanted to include something clever or insulting rather than proving my previous points about you being dropped on your head as a baby.
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