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Ehh, I guess I should explain. I told a few of my fellow mods/admins to take a look at the thread for a few different reasons. Anyway, the opinions weren't fixed or anything like that, they more or less chose to post themselves (actually I told Quantum not to post because I really thought he'd go against me on it, and I didn't want to suffer long posts - having to refute them, see it's much easier to reply to leXX one liners, if I even need to do that, since sometimes a point doesn't exist), but I told Phwatching also to keep an eye on it, because he has a - what I thought was a well informed view on different kinds of feministic behaviour, more informed than me anyway. His attack on you Jed I didn't expect, but I just had a good laugh

By the way, since we're all mods/admins of a couple of communities, we have fantastic insight on good mods and bad ones, and are able to judge very fast. For example, it doesn't take a genius that Matt here is a great admin, because he could have handled the thread in a lot of ways. And I almost know all of the scenarios it could have been handled (like for example, the way you started Jed ) - not that there's really many RONG things about going your way, it's just that valor is best expressed in the way Matt did it (so far). I actually feel a bit bad that I have to dump on leXX, because it's the admins that set up the mods, and the successors reflect upon the ones they've successed (having known Matt since he was a fixed mod - meaning not super). Obviously in this case, looking at it that way, I'd be wrong about Matt.

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