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Originally posted by Jed
Hold a sec, you just registered and you have a stance on this?
I wonder if this comment detracts from my posts...
I'm a lurker by nature these days... I always am when not faced with responcibilities on a forum...

And sorry for my post, but I need to remember that when you fight with an idiot, they'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience.


Oh, and another thing, am I rong or wrong? Two different meanings.

Wrong would imply I'm incorrect.

Rong would imply you suck at teh intarweb.
Yeay more super mod flamage -_-
You guys want flame throwers?

Insane ~ I think he was refering to the whole revolution in terms of rights and things .....wrong in decade, but only by about two years.... :P

okay now this thread is boned :P

Everybody's keeping secrets, never let me get back.
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