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Originally posted by Phwaching
That was silly of me, i thought that it was decade comprising of a backlash against the free love and hippy type movements that the 60s embodied. In fact, wait! i actually know that Radical feminism has its roots in the early 1970s. Well, that would make your point about the 1970s being a decade of breasts slightly wrong. It also makes as much sense as me saying the 1920s was the decade of the left testicle.

If you actually gave a ****, you could check what im saying by doing a little research, but the words might be a bit long for you.
... you obviously have not seen many 70's horror films nor the abundance of over 20,000 pornos made in the 1970's alone. Yes the 70's were an uprise in feminism, but if YOU researched it was a large reaction to the uppity in the nudity in movies.

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