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Originally posted by InsaneSith
... you obviously have not seen many 70's horror films nor the abundance of over 20,000 pornos made in the 1970's alone. Yes the 70's were an uprise in feminism, but if YOU researched it was a large reaction to the uppity in the nudity in movies.
Jesus christ, you people talk a lot of bull****. (Hey mods, wanna censor me for saying Jesus? maybe im one of those religionist bastards) Radical feminism came about as not only evolution of liberal feminism and the suffragettes but as a reaction to the more easygoing attitudes of the 60s AND women coming out of abusive relationships (note: Andrea Dworkin) It started in the late 60s and flourished in the 70s.

Regardless, i dont know why we have to have the conversation. If i gave enough of a **** (because im gonna be banned for owning mods who think they're special..again) i'd tell you your attitudes were stuck in the 50s rather than the 70s because then i think you'd find it harder to argue about unimportant things like the decade rather than the fact you are going about with this far right fascist censorship. Oh and by the way, before you start taking me up on the point, i dont care that ideologically its not really a fascist thing. So shut the **** and up and go play in traffic you stupid nerd. (insane sith, rofl.. when you came up with that nick were you sitting at the computer looking for the best combination of letters to make you look like a fat 12 year old nerd?)
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