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Good freaking lord.

I try so hard to avoid this thread, and yet people KEEP linking to it, so I guess I'll just say a few somethings, post by post, because it's easy and I'm lazy.

and even though I am a sexist
I'm sure you can see how you can't have a bias as nasty as this, admit and glory in it, and expect people to take your arguments seriously.

A man's chest is not a sexual part of his body.
A woman's is? Seriously, having not exactly been raised in this culture, I can't see anything now that tells me that a woman's chest is sexual, since it isn't involved in, er, procreation. It seems to me that it's considered sexual because it's "forbidden" and must always remain covered (which pardon me, seems a bit sexist since shirtless male chests are just FINE), and are "different" - i.e. different from that which a male has, and because any female part that doesn't coincide with a male part must be sexual because women are nothing but sexual objects. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is the impression I've gotten.

It is a symbol of male dominance, which says one thing, women are nothing but sexual objects to be gawked at.
That I agree with. I don't agree with the reasoning behind it, but it is what society has made it. Saying it's a symbol of male dominance is stretching things over a wide and nasty casual chain (which is how male dominance came to be in the first place, if you know anthropology), but it's still true.

Both are sexual parts of the body that if presented uncovered on this forum, would be considered porn.
Again, well said. (Even though again, I don't agree with the reasoning behind the labeling of "sexual parts". But just because I don't agree with it doesn't mean it's not true.)

I can say bouncing boobs are inappropriate and still ones aren't, because bouncing boobs, as you've said yourself, are purposefully drawing your attention to them, which gives the avatar one purpose and one purpose only, "look boobs!".
Again, nail on the head. Even if breasts aren't really sexual objects, the majority of society sees them as such. Hence - "bouncing boobs" pictures like the one in question fall under sexual objectification.

I admit, in todays society, boobs are regarded as a lesser sexual object than a penis. This doesn't change the fact that they are still sexual objects nethertheless.
Now this, to me, seems like backwards reasoning, for what should be obvious reasons. But that's not super relevant.

What I am not able to accept, is that anyone who found that avatar to be amusing, very well made, and nice - and I was one of the people who found it all those things, to be labeled as women abusers/insulters and sexists, as your assistant pointed out.
Obi wasn't labeled that. You don't appear to mind.

Good lord, all these people registering to post pages long topics... *Scrolls*

*Scrolls down to matt's post*

*Wonders if this post is even appropriate any longer*

*After looking around a bit, decides since no new threads have been posted as he suggested, it is*

Feminists only piss off sexists. Guess that's thier job eh? Heh.
Or Feminist (baka...).
Both these statements are not correct. I guess you could say true feminists only piss of sexists, yes. But there's many groups of 'feminists', some of who are completely opposed to each other. It seems to me that everyone assumes every "Feminist" is the same, and everyone tends to pick what they think are universal feminist beliefs from either the "Males are universally evil/inferior" or "Male and female are created equal"...(I'm fairly sure I hit those nails, though I may have missed a bit )

Also Taboo is the effect that drives sexuality, in some cultures breasts aren't a big deal and are shown without tops.
Much as I hate to ( ), I have to agree with what IS said. Bah, if this was a few decades earlier, we'd be spazzing over female ankles.

Sexism to me is something I don't think lexx has ever seen, abuse of women (physical or mental) or men, simply because of which sex they are
Sexism is not just limited to abuse. Sexism is discrimination based on gender, including "attitudes, conditions, or behaviors that promote stereotyping of social roles based on gender."

....But it seems that's already been said.

I'd like to wonder how you can possibly justify sexism in yourself, as Blackdove seems to. But maybe that's just me...

Good freaking lord, again.

I have class, and can't read the rest of this thread, so if I missed important stuff in my marathon post, feel free to, uh, shoot me. Or something less painful, hopefully.

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